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About us
About us
About us

MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH has been the world's leading manufacturer of high-end folding machines for print finishing for around 60 years. For some years now, we have also been scoring points with our robot division.


Innovative and technically mature products and solutions inspire our customers. Our success is driven by 380 employees at four locations worldwide. At our headquarters in Oppenweiler we develop and manufacture new machines and services. Here we are looking for colleagues who enjoy working in a medium-sized company where they are perceived as individuals and who want to make great things happen with us.   


The latest development is MBO's palletisers. Starting with palletising robots for automated stacking solutions for end products of the post-press process in the printing industry, MBO now manufactures cross-sector cobot solutions for industries such as packaging, food and pharmaceuticals.


A dedicated team has been set up for this purpose, dedicated to the new fields of application. Niche needs of customers in all industries call for further developments in palletising and gripping. Lifting stacks of paper without suction pads, for example, was one such challenge that has now been solved. Now even open packages can be stacked in a user-friendly way.


MBO's cobot solutions are equipped with the UR10e from world market leader Universal Robots. The UR10e enables the CoBo stacks to lift and palletise packages and packs weighing up to 8kg. Due to the lightweight design of the UR10e, the entire CoBo-Stack can be easily moved and repositioned by one operator. Due to MBO's high status as an OEM customer at UR in Denmark, unique solutions can be offered.


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